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DCMS Cardinal Spaces


Cardinal Spaces is designed to help teachers and school staff to have quick access to the professional guide, and  instructional tools that members of our school community will need to help students succeed. There are two purposes for the development of this site. 


  1. One is to define for the professional staff  the critical task areas in instructional practices that include, resources in instruction, curriculum development, teaming, technology integration, homebase advisory and the saving of material resources. 
  2. The other is to outline procedures regarding important organizational methods and practices that are necessary in day-to-day operations of the school.


This school guide to professional practices can be of great value to individual staff members and teams because it can serve as a quick reference point as we make daily educational decisions. It is also designed to communicate the important goals and professional responsibilities we have as a school in regards to educating students, hopefully lessening the frequency of misunderstandings through lack of available resources. Cardinal Spaces has been developed for the specific purpose to facilitate the successful accomplishment of the school's work by focusing attention on the various phases of the schooling process.


The development of this wiki has been organized in a way that information allows for easy access of page topics by simply selecting a referring link below each subtopic or by using the side bar directly located on the left-hand side of the page.




Resource Links 


Professional Guide   Includes links to schedules, teacher responsibilities and resource information.
Building Leadership Team      Includes links to agendas, meeting dates, minutes and Building Leadership Team responsibilities.
Team Leaders Includes links to Team Leader roles, responsiblities, meeting dates and agendas.
PLC Team Leaders Includes meeting dates, roles, team assignments and action plan agenda
Faculty Meetings  Includes links to faculty meeting dates, agendas, and handouts.
Weekly Bulletins              Includes links to weekly updates from the building principal on reminders, activities and events.



October Bully Prevention Month Link provides extention time resources for October Bully Prevention Month
Daily Announcements Extention time 11 link includes, Daily Announcements, Discovery Education videos, Podcast and Vodcast.
Teaming Overview  Includes definition of teaming, guidlines, roles and ideas.

Teaming Handbook

Includes links to forms and resources for the creation of a team handbook. 
Team Leaders                Includes links to Team Leader roles, responsiblities, meeting dates and agendas.
Advisory Activities  Includes resource links and forms for Student Advisory Activities



PLC Team Work Spaces  Provides a link to PLC team work spaces, includes forms and resources 
PLC Online Grade Level Minutes This online form should be completed after each grade Level PLC
PLC Action Plan Agenda Use action planning guide to review data, set SMART Goals and action plans.
Reading Lexile Scores Link provides benchmark data for fall lexile scores from 2012 - 2013 with target Goals for 2014 

Math Mastery Checks

Link provides math benchmark data for API target goals for 2013-2014
Explore Benchmark Target Scores Link provides ACT benchmark target scores for the 2013-2014 school year.
Grade Level PLC Schedule 2012 - 2013 This pdf provides information on team assignments & defines purpose of PLC teams.



DCMS Motivate to Read  Establishes an action plan for each grade level on how to increase student reading 
How to Improve Reading Provides information on how Middle Schools can improve student reading
DCMS Reading Target Goals Provides lexile target goals for each grade level



DCMS Testing Schedule Revised 10/28                                                                Timeline for State and Local Assessments (Includes Mastery Checks & KELPA)
Math & ELA Mastery Check ID's Use this document for identifying your MATH & ELA mastery check ID assessment numbers
Mastery Check Login Directions This document provides you with information on how students will login to take mastery checks 
WritingAssessmentManual               Kansas Writing Assessment Manual-Updated December 27, 2012 Paper/Pencil Administration
Smarter Balance Practice Test The Practice Test User Guide provides an overview of the Practice Test Site and information about accessing the Practice Test.



ESL District Audit Jane Hill ESL District Audit Video
DCMS Instructional Goals Link to Marzanos 9 Instructional Practices that are correlated to DCMS student centered goals.
Teacher Evaluation  Link to District Teacher Evaluation Practices & In-service material 
5 Kinds Teacher Thinking Provides an assortment of resources for defining Five Kinds of Teacher Thinking 
CCS Lesson Plan Template This is the Lesson Plan Template for CCS/Essential Question(s).
Mathematical Practices

Common Core Standards uses video resources to illustrate the Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice  

Literature & Common Core This link provides for Literatutre resources and the Common Core 
Instructional Videos Provided by the Pennsyvanial Dept. of Ed. Includes links to content specific instructional videos.
Instructional Videos

Success at the Core middle level methods to implement a shared vision of quality instruction.

Plagiarism This link provides a simple guide to explain plagiarism. 
Copyright & Fair Use A Rubric of Guidelines for Schools, Teachers, and the Classroom



1. SIT Purpose & Process This document provides information on the framework, procedures & process for building level interventions. 
2. SIT Flow Chart This flow chart shows the SIT process at a glance that is geared around the Guiding Questions.
3. SIT Working Document This is a working WORD document  that will be completed by teams during the monthly SIT meetings.

4. SIT Parent Letter (English)

   SIT Parent Letter (Spanish) 

These letters will be filled out during the SIT meeting by teams to send out to parents as part of the SIT process. 
5. Accomodations, Modifications & Interventions What's the difference? This document serves as a resource with definitions, examples, and clarifications of accomodations, modifications & interventions. 
6. SIT Interventions These are some suggested interventions than can be measurable with proper documentation. 
7.Classroom Accommodations    This document provides examples of accommodations designed to increase student access to the curriculum.  

8. DCMS Success Plan (English)

   DCMS Success Plan (Spanish) 

This student success contract is designed to help those students who may need help with maintaining their focus.  This includes academic & behaviors goals.   



Common Core Units Access Guide              

Link provides seven easy steps on how to access USD 443 ELA & Math Curriculum Units in File Maker

Common Core Assessments  Includes state testing information and provides resources for constructing both summative & formative assessments.
Kansas ESEA Waiver

On August 2, Commissioner Diane DeBacker and other representatives from KSDE hosted a video conference to explain and explore the recent ESEA Waiver awarded to the state of Kansas.  



My Learning Plan.com Keep up with you professional development point and set your personal learning goal.

District Professional Development

District flyer of important professional development date available for download
District 6 - 12 Math Meetings  Document provides 6 - 12 math meeting dates and times for the 2013 - 2014 school year.

12/11/13 LATE START Agenda

Copyright Presentation

Copyright Questions and Comments

PPE designed by secondary provides information on Copyright Laws and our rights

& responsibilities.

11/6/13 Building Level PLC


The agenda includes topics, locations and times for each content area PLC.  

9/11/13 Prof Dev Day   LATE START  

September 11, 2013 LATE START - Review of eWalkThrough Form & What IS & IS NOT effective teaching?

eWalkthrough PowerPoint presentation provides information on effective learning environment.

The ticket out teacher reflection provides information on what connections teachers made and what they want to know.

Late Start PD Schedule Sept 25th

  1. Five Kinds of Teacher Thinking PowerPoint
  2. Five Kinds of Teacher Thinking pdf 
  3. Chapter 14 "The Skillful Teacher" 
  4. Mastery Objective Generator   

Provides schedule information for small group breakout sessions, locations and content area room assignments.

  1. Provides annotations in the notes section of the presentation and includes hyperlinks to additional resources
  2. Downloadable resource that provides hyperlinks only
  3. Chapter 14 of the fifth edition of "Skillful Teaching" by Jon Saphire will be available for a limited time as a preview of your discussions. Also available will be a hard copy summary of this work which will be provided during the opening session. 
  4. Resource #4 is a Mastery Objective digital generator. The resource will help you design mastery objective for your daily lesson plans.  

10/30/13 Prof Dev Day LATE START

PLC Group List

  1. Higher Order Thinking Skills
  2. Writing Higher Order Questions 
  3. Applying Higher Order Questions
  4. Question Template
  5. 5 Kinds Teacher Thinking


  1. PowerPoint presentation created by the secondary coaches on how to write higher order thinking skills.
  2. Video demonstrating how teachers can use student centered learning in writing higher order thinking questions. 
  3. Video demonstrates how teachers can apply higher order thinking skills in a student centered learning environment.
  4. Provides STEM example questions from recall to evaluation. Can be used to construct question types for a lesson.
  5. For more indepth information on higher order thinking skills go to 5 Kinds of teacher Thinking.

12/11/13 LATE START Agenda

Copyright Presentation 

  • PPE designed by secondary provides information on Copyright Laws and our rights

& responsibilities.


Late Start Building Level PLC

Fine Arts Agenda

Physical Education Agenda

Science Agenda

Math Agenda

Social Studies Agenda

ELA Agenda

21st Century Agenda

PLC Feedback Form (Word) 

Online Moodle Book Study The flyer provides information on the Anita Archer Moodle Book Study  
April 9 District Inservice Day  Provides information on the April 9 Civic Center "Learn How to Intergate Common Core Standards using Explicit Instruction."  
2/12/14 LATE START Agenda 
  •  Agenda items for February 2, 2014 PLC 

2/26/14 LATE START Agenda 

AGENDA Items for February 26, 2014

  • iPad Review
  • PBL update - Projects & Online Classes
  • Other relevant information 



Use of E-Mail Provides information of appropriate use of e-mail in the workplace
SMARTBoard Resources  Link provides video tutorials and resource links on how to use a SMARTBoard
Gradebook Tutorials 

Manual Entry of Scores, Transfer of Assignments, Auto Transfer Scores 

Technology Websites  Links to district supported websites including, Discover Ed, Study Island, Project Wisdom, AML and other resources
Google Login Provides a link to a PowerPoint in setting up your gmail account. 
Twitter Account  Provides a link to a PowerPoint on setting up your Twitter account. 



iPad Teachers Guide                                                    


PowerPoint Presentation                                                                           

Essential Question: Overview:                                                                                                                                        

  • Teachers will be introduced to the iPad and learn how they can enhance the learning environment. iPad basics will include learning how to use notes, Safari, screen & app management, camera & photos, maps, contacts & calendar, mail & reminders, App store, iBooks and iTunes and iTunes U. 


  • Plan and gather resources to build a sample learning activity using the iPad.
  • Share and exchange ideas.
  • Reflect and discuss the next steps.
  • How can iOS devices (iPad) enhance the learning environment?                                                                                                                                                     
iPadRoundup   iPad resources developed for the summer regional iPad Roundup.
usd443 iPads on Facebook 
  1. Click on this link https://www.facebook.com/groups/usd443ipads/
  2. Choose Join
  3. I will approve the request and then the user will receive notifications as others post to the group. 



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