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After School Intervention Program

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After School Immediate Response To Intervention

The goal of this proposal is twofold. First, by establishing the effectiveness associated with student performance gains, as it is related to Tier II After School Intervention Programs, and secondly by providing enough evidence to substantiate the need to provide students in grades 7-8 with a Tier II After School Immediate Response to Intervention Program in both math and reading. The ASIRTI Program (After School Immediate Response To Intervention) will be a two week after school re-teaching opportunity for any student scoring below 60% on their reading or math mastery checks. The ASIRTI program builds its foundations on the premise that every child’s learning style is unique, and that Tier II Interventions are essential to ensure that every child has an opportunity to learn. We also believe that offering an After School Intervention Program will help our school meet academic SMART goals and help our students succeed. Additionally, our staff and teachers are 100% committed to ensuring our school and district meets its AYP goals.


Currently, our school measures student’s growth in the area of reading, math, science and social studies. This data is used to design instruction for students using our RTI (Response To Intervention) program. In the area of math and reading students are assessed using five scheduled mastery checks throughout the school year as determined by the schools pacing guide. Unfortunately, to date there is limited resources in time available to address the needs of the students that are testing below set benchmarks and need immediate response to Tier II Interventions in one or more of the four subject areas.


This project identifies students in the area of math and reading, who are not currently receiving additional Tier III services. Additionally, this proposal will address how our school will provide interventions in both science and social studies during the school day.  The acceptance of this proposal, allowing our school to initiate an after school immediate response to math and reading interventions, provides teachers the time to implement Tier II Interventions during home-base advisory, in the academic areas of science and social studies, for students who are testing below the set benchmarks.


The ASIRTI Program (After School Immediate Response To Intervention) will be a two week after school re-teaching opportunity for any student scoring below 60% on their reading or math mastery checks. (See Grouping Scheduling) The after school intervention program will provide eight hours of extended day intervention time from 3:00-4:00 P.M. Mondays through Thursdays. A second mastery check will be given on the 8th day of instruction to check for 80% mastery. Any student who does not make 80% mastery on the second mastery check will be provided Tier III Interventions for another four hours of instruction. Tier III Interventions are to be made up of no more than two to four students in a group and will be held on the Saturday following the second mastery check.


Grouping/Scheduling (Math and Reading)

  • Mastery Check One Interventions September 27th – October 7th (Second Mastery Check)
  • October 9thTier III Intervention


  • Mastery Check Two Interventions November 1st – November 12th (Second Mastery Check
  • Math Science MCII Schedule 
  • November 6thTier III Intervention


  • Mastery Check Three Interventions: November 29th – December 9th (Second Mastery Check)
  • December 11thTier III Intervention


  • Mastery Check Four Interventions: January 10th – January 20th (Second Mastery Check)
  • January 22nd Tier III Intervention


  • Mastery Check Five Interventions: February 14th – February 24th (Second Mastery Check)
  • February 26thTier III Intervention


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