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21st Century Learning

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21st Century SMART Goal


S:    The students will plan and manage activities to develop a solution or complete a subject.

M:  80% of the students will successfully develop a solution or complete a project at 80% or above.

A:   Teachers will follow a pacing guide and chunk instruction into developmentally appropriate lessons
       for each unit of instruction.

R:   80% of students will successfully complete this goal.

T:   Students will meet these goals by the end of each 9 week term.



PLC Meeting Postings


PLC Summary March 9, 2012 

PLC Summary Jan 4, 2012

PLC Summary Oct 21


Content Analysis

Process:  The process of content analysis is a two step process. The first step requires the PLC team to identify past skills that have not been mastered at 80% in the previous grade level. The second step in the content analysis process requires the grade level PLC team to look at the content areas that were not mastered by students in the grade level the previous school year.  


Prior Grade Level Content Analysis

It is important that grade level PLC teams identify what students will need to master from the previous year. These strategies will become a part of your SMART Goal Action Plan of skills that need to be reinforced to ensure a solid foundation of skills for future mastery.  Record your strategies as they are related to the content areas selected on your Grade Level Wiki page.  


Contnet Area  Stratagy           

1. Math 7                                                                                                   

2. Math 8  
3. Reading 7  
4. Reading 8  










Grade Level Content Analysis

In step two B, each PLC grade level team will review Content Analysis data from the previous year to determine what content areas within the curriculum will need to be stressed in terms of student mastery. Any content standard from the previous year at grade level that is below the benchmark of 60% will constitute the construction of a SMART Goal. Once these areas are determined each grade level PLC team will then construct a SMART Goal to support those skills needed to ensure student mastery of content standards. 


Data Analysis Activity 


PLC Analysis Summary





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